Packaged Applications

VAPEX integrates and customizes standardized applications for easier and efficient business management.


Enterprise applications:

ERP Implementation services:

VAPEX’s Enterprise applications practice helps clients bring focus to their toughest integration challenges across the technology life cycle. From requirements to architecture, testing to deployment and beyond, we bring an integrated, business oriented “value engineering” perspective to every project.

VAPEX is focused on effectively providing customization and implementation-related services across Oracle’s portfolio of enterprise applications, including E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Demantra, Hyperion, and others. VAPEX implements business solutions using these applications which are designed to help organizations drive revenue growth and improve operating margins.

Oracle Cloud ERP:

Despite the arrival of new low-cost cloud-based ERP solutions, some businesses still rely on spreadsheets and other standalone legacy applications as their primary ERP solution. All too often, one of the key factors holding companies back is figuring out how to safely and securely transition to a modern cloud-based solution, especially when IT business transformation is not a core competency of the company. VAPEX Consulting provides growing companies with this core competency of application modernization based on proven expertise, deep business knowledge, and repeatable best practices.

VAPEX Consulting helps you manage growth-associated risks with a fixed cost solution. Combine this cost benefit with the financial benefits of the Oracle Cloud subscription model and your total cost of ownership is low.

Value Engineering:

VAPEX’s Value Engineering Solution brings our consulting experts together with customers to align business objectives and processes with corporate enterprise applications using an innovative combination of application alignment and business process re-engineering. The Value Engineering team consists of a diverse group of business and application specialists with experience across multiple industries. The team brings this experience to bear in every engagement, applying their business best practices knowledge to enable organizational improvements, such as:

  • Greater agility to react to changing market conditions
  • Enhanced customer engagement for sustained revenue growth
  • Optimized business processes for increased margins


  • Establish target performance metrics by business area
  • Identify challenges & root cause
  • Evaluation solution via process & organizational changes
  • Implement process & application changes

One click scanning:

Manual transaction processing in the back office involves dealing with enormous amounts of paper and legal documents from third parties. These artifacts include supplier invoices, bank statements, purchase orders, vendor agreements, sales contracts, packing slips, etc.

The manual process of handling paper, scanning documents, archiving files, and attaching to corresponding ERP transactions requires multiple human touch points and consumes an enormous amount of non-value add time for any enterprise. So, the need for automation exists.


  • Uses your existing desktop scanners
  • Scan and attach documents in a single step
  • Allows re-scan from the same form
  • Allows users to edit, discard, size and crop the image
  • Imports existing scanned files to your ERP system
  • Custom menu item in the ERP system does not impair or affect the standard


  • File can alternatively be saved to a shared network location without using your ERP database. The file location URL is stored on the ERP transaction
  • Network files can be accessed through the link stored in ERP
  • Incorporates enterprise specific file naming standards
  • Supports multiple file types
  • Supports multiple attachments to the same transaction
  • Works on all types of ERP form (Oracle forms, Web Pages)


  • Intuitive and flexible tool with multiple deployments on different versions of Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Eliminates mundane tasks from back office processes
  • Scalable and can be rolled out in phases across the enterprise
  • Economical, low cost solution with an immediate payback
  • Business focused, aligning technology to support business efficiency objectives


  • Financial Management
  • Channel Revenue Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing

Application integration:

Business pressures have created the need for many companies to reevaluate their Fundamental IT strategy and move to an interconnected, smarter infrastructure. VAPEX’s Enterprise Architecture & Planning services can help you develop a strategic road map that aligns your IT strategy with your business priorities.

We, at VAPEX, use well established methodologies, like Application Integration Architecture to help you develop the right IT strategy to support your business. The result will be a highly robust and agile integration infrastructure that will scale along with your business’ growing integration needs.

We offer the following services: